Week 1, September 10

Topic: Oh, the Humanities: Introduction to the course
Readings: Fish; Davidson and Goldberg; Bogost, part one and part two.; Kirschenbaum “DH As/Is A Tactical Term”; Cohen, Dan. “Defining the Digital Humanities.”
Tools and Projects: Omeka
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Week 2, September 17

Topic: Defining DH: A History of Technology and the Arts and Humanities
Speaker: Marci Coleman, Systems Administrator, UT iSchool
Readings: Wright; Busa; Bowles; Flanders “The Productive Unease of 21st-century Digital Scholarship”
Optional: Hummel, Madeline. “Fifty Unpublished Letters from Joseph Conrad.” Library Chronicle of the University of Texas. N.S. no.3 (1971):52-57. Accessed August 31, 2012.;u=1;view=2up;size=100;id=mdp.39015014647476;page=root;orient=0;num=52 [Note: you’ll need to select “Jump to Section” 24-53 at the top of the viewing pane.]
Lab: Omeka (1)

Week 3, September 24

Topic: Defining DH: the Disciplines and the Constituents
Readings: Losh; Svensson “Landscape of DH”; Spiro “This is why we fight”; Liu “The State of the Digital Humanities: A Report and a Critique.”
Tools and Projects: (1) HASTAC and The Praxis Program (2) Vectors;
Lab: Omeka (2)

Week 4, October 1

Topic: Defining DH: Theories
Readings: Bianco; Drucker, “Humanistic Theory and Digital Scholarship”; Ramsay, “An Algorithmic Criticism”; Joost, Buchmueller, and Bieling
Tools and Projects: (3) The Brown University Women Writers Project;
Lab: TEI
Due: digital assignment #1

Week 5, October 8

Topic: Collections and Editions:
Speaker: Elon Lang, Archivist, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center and Quinn Stewart, Instructional Technology Specialist, UT iSchool
Readings: Bryant; Casserly; Browner; Palmer and Zavalina;
Tools and Projects: (4) Transcribe Bentham and Scripto;

Week 6, October 15

Topic: Tools: Building
Readings: Ramsay and Rockwell; Powell; Renear; McPherson
Tools and Projects: (5) The Versioning Machine and Juxta(6) Neatline
Lab: TEIDisplay and Neatline

Week 7, October 22

Topic: Tools: Using
Speaker: David Tcheng
Readings: Unsworth “Scholarly Primitives: what methods do humanities researchers have in common, and how might our tools reflect this?”; Downie; Edwards; Spiro and Segal
Tools and Projects: (7) Scalar and Sayers, Writing with Sound and Mukurtu;
Due: digital assignment #2

Week 8, October 29

Topic: Big Data
Readings: CLIR report; Salo; Manovich, “Trending”; Unsworth, “Computational Work with Very Large Text Collections: Interoperability, Sustainability, and the TEI”
Tools and Projects: (8) Project Bamboo and INKE; (9) Digging into Data.
Lab: Voyant

Week 9, November 5

Topic: Funding and the Profession
Speaker: Perry Collins, NEH-ODH Program Officer and Maria Esteva, Research Associate/Data Archivist in the Visualization and Data Analysis
Readings: Schriebman, et al. in PMLA “Introduction”; Flanders “Time Labor”; Waltzer; Esteva, et al., “From the site to long-term preservation”;
Projects: (10) Off the Tracks; (11) Media Commons
Lab: Grant Workshop (1)

Week 10, November 12

Topic: Visualizations
Readings: White; Manovich, “Media Visualization”; Drucker “Humanities Approaches to Graphical Display.”;
Tools and Projects: (12) ImagePlot; (13) Mapping the Republic of Letters;
Site Visit: Rob Turknett, Visualization Lab, TACC

Week 11, November 19

Topic: Archives
Guest Speaker: Doug Reside, Digital Curator for the Performing Arts, New York Public Library
Readings: Price; Documenting Dance; Wilson, “Presentation of Archival Materials on the Web”; Manoff
Tools and Projects: (14) Latham and Scholes and The Modernist Journals Project; (15) Zotero;

Week 12, November 26

Topic: Cyberinfrastructure
Guest Speaker: Rebecca Davis, program officer for the humanities at the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE).
Readings: Svensson; Alexander and Davis; Borgman; OPTIONAL: Blackwell and Crane
“Our Cultural Commonwealth” (Chapter 2);
Tools and Projects: (16) NINES and (17) EMIC and Modernist Commons
Lab: Grant Workshop (2)
Due: digital assignment #3

Week 13, December 3

Due: Final Presentations; Omeka Project

December 7, Due: Final Grant Project

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