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18 January

Course Readings

January 17 / Review Syllabus, Introductions

January 24 / Getting Excited!

(Re: Getting Your Head Right IRT Final Projects)

January 31 / Theories and Practices of Interpretation and Collecting

  • Hedstrom, M., & King, J. L. (2006). Epistemic Infrastructure in the Rise of the Knowledge Economy. In B. Kahin & D. Foray (Eds.), Advancing knowledge and the knowledge economy. The MIT Press. [Blackboard]
  • Akrich, M. (1992). The De-Scription of Technical Objects. In J. Bijker & J. Law (Eds.), Shaping Technology / Building Society. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [Blackboard]
  • Latour, B. (1992). Where are the missing masses? The sociology of a few mundane artifacts. Shaping technology/building society: Studies in sociotechnical change, 225–258. [Blackboard]

February 7 / Early Assemblages / Cabinets of Curiosities

  • Wintroub Powerpoint on Cabinets of Curiosities [Blackboard]
  • Geary, P. (1986). Sacred commodities: the circulation of medieval relics. The social life of things, 169–94. [Blackboard]
  • Mueller, W. (2001). Mathematical Wunderkammern. American Mathematical Monthly, 108(9), 785–796 [Blackboard]

February 14 / Early Modern Collections & Scientific Method

  • Wintroub, M. (1999). Taking stock at the end of the world: Rites of distinction and practices of collecting in early modern Europe. Studies in history and philosophy of science, 30, 395–424. [Blackboard]
  • Biagioli, M. (1990). Galileo the Emblem Maker. Isis, 230–258. [Blackboard]
  • Shapin, S. (1984). Pump and circumstance: Robert Boyle’s literary technology. Social studies of science, 14(4), 481. [Blackboard]
  • Gould, S. J. (1985). The Hottentot Venus. In The flamingo’s smile (pp. 291-305). W.W. Norton & Company. [Blackboard]

Feburary 21 / The Role of Classification In Collection Building

  • Darnton, R. (1984). Philosophers trim the tree of knowledge: the epistemological strategy of the Encyclopédie. The great cat massacre and other episodes in French cultural history, 191–215. [Blackboard]
  • Bowker, G. C., & Starr, S. L. (1999). Sorting things out: Classification and its consequences. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. (Chapters 9 & 10) [Blackboard]
  • Haraway, D. (1984). Teddy bear patriarchy: Taxidermy in the garden of Eden, New York City, 1908-1936. Social Text, 20–64. [Blackboard]

February 28 /  Transitions: Personal Collections

  • Melanie Feinberg (2011). Expressive bibliography: personal collections in public space. Knowledge Organization 38(2): 123-134.
  • Clifford Lynch (2011). Personal Digital Archiving Keynote @ Personal Archiving Conferece, 2011..
  • Marc Smith (2011). Charting Collections of Connections in Social Media: Personal Archiving Conference, 2011. Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA, February 23 – 25, 2011.
  • (Then, go look at:
  • (also, look at services like Percolate and OneSpot)

March 6 / Transitions: Content-Centric Institutions

March 13 / No Class – Spring Break!

March 20 / Case Studies: Publishers & Book Sellers

Alternate Publishing Models / Interesting Ideas:

  • Annotum: ScholarlyPublishing / WordPress
  • PressBooks: I think this is another WordPress plugin…
  • Atavist: “publishes bestselling nonfiction stories that are longer than typical magazine articles but shorter than books…”
  • Pandamian: The easiest way to publish books online
  • Aquafadas: Digital Publishing System
  • LeanPub: Self-Publish Your Book While You’re Writing It!
  • Start an online newspaper today!
  • Open Air: Publishing exclusively for iPad
  • Inkling: Online Textbooks
  • ACX: Audiobook Creation Exchange (Example in use: Neil Gaiman Presents!)
  • Amazon Publishing: “Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!”

March 27 / Case Studies: Museums (All Kinds)

Exemplar New Media Situations

  • New Media Art:
    • Depocas, A., Ippolito, J., & Jones, C. (Eds.). (2003). Permanence through change: The variable media approach. New York, NY: Guggenheim Museum Publications. [Blackboard]
  • Videogames:
    • Lowood, H. (2002). Shall We Play a Game: Thoughts on the Computer Game Archive of the Future. In BITS OF CULTURE: New Projects Linking the Preservation and Study of Interactive Media. Presented at the Bits of Culture, Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University. [Blackboard]
    • Videogames 2: McDonough, J., Lowood, H., Kirschenbaum, M., Krauss, K., Reside, D., Donahue, R., Phelps, A., et al. (2010). Preserving Virtual Worlds: Final Report (Final Report). National Digital Information Infrastructure Program. Washington, D. C.: Library of Congress. (Chapters 1- 4) [Blackboard]

April 3 / Case Studies: Libraries & Archives

Exemplar Library Apps

April 10 / New Challenges: Expertise & Gatekeeping

April 17 / New Challenges: Communication

April 24 / Course Wrap Up: Digital Curation

May 1 / Presentations

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