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INF 385P - Usability

The basics of user-centered design through the lifecycle of a software product. Includes perceptual, psychological, and other scientific underpinnings of usability and the justification for the application of usability engineering in software development. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

INF 385G - Advanced Usability

Designed to build upon the skills covered in Information Studies 385P. Individual project evaluating a Web site or other software user interface. Students devise a plan for testing, secure IRB approval to test human subjects, conduct study, analyze date, write a report, and present the results and conclusions. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

INF 385C - Human-Computer Interaction

The history and importance of human-computer interaction (HCI), theories of HCI design, modeling of computer users and interfaces, empirical techniques for analyzing systems and interfaces, interface design, and styles of interaction. Emphasis on reviewing research papers, current works, and future directions in HCI research. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. Three hours a week for one semester.

INF 385K - Projects in HCI

This course covers multiple aspects of conducting a research project in Human-Computer Interaction. The course focus shifts from semester to semester. Past editions of this courses focused on: design or evaluation of modern search user interfaces; eye-tracking as a evaluation research method; large screen table-top interaction. A few class meetings will be devoted to project work the project will be the major student effort in this course. Three hours a week for one semester.

INF 385T - Special Topics - Mobile IxD

This course will introduce you to mobile interaction design. Given the explosion of mobile devices, there is a need to understand how to support effective, efficient, and natural human-information interaction on the go. The course will cover general user interface design principles, user research, interface design methods, as well as the basics of user interface evaluation and usability testing. You will be expected to do all readings, participate in discussions, and complete assignments and a group project. Mobile interface prototyping tools and/or mobile web design tools will be used to prototype mobile interfaces. Three hours a week for one semester.

INF 381 - Individual Studies

In-depth study of a problem or topic related to information studies, usually culminating in an examination or a scholarly written report. With consent of the graduate advisor, may be repeated for credit.


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The Information eXperience Lab spans two rooms at the UT Administration Building (UTA), UTA 5.510 and UTA 5.516, and can be used for usability studies using Morae.


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