ASIST name change?

The latest ASIST Bulletin contains a challenging column by the President, Diane Sonnewald, relating to the name of the society. In short, she suggests that we might seriously consider retaining the acronym (ASIST) but allow for broader participation internationally by switching American Society to another term e.g. ASsociation for Information Science and Technology. I never liked the addition of T for technology to ASIS back in 2000 but I do feel that the time is right to adopt a more internationalist stance through our name (when on the board in 2002-4, I suggested we grab the name ISIST to cover the eventual internationalization of the society but I prefer the current idea of keeping us ASIST).

You can find the column, and engage in ongoing discussions on this topic online until May 1st by visiting QuickTopic. And of course you can find the ASIST Bulletin in full here.

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