TEI Lab Questions

INF385t is encoding letters from the Katherine Anne Porter collection at the University of Maryland, College Park, Special Collections. These are their encoding questions.

Some elements and structures we’ve decided to tag:

Adds < add >
Deletes < delete>
– includes spacing and all small typos
ex. < add> < space n=” ” /> </add >
emphasis (ex. < hi > <emph > w/ rend= “underline”)
Notes in the text:
< note place= “marginLeft” > (or “marginRight” or “interlinear”)
notes taped in, describe in the header under Manuscript Description
Can use < rend align=”vertical” > etc. for any odd placements, etc.
Hand- for major shifts
< handShift scribe= “KAP” medium =”pen” / >
next time it shifts put it back into the previous type use “pen” “type” “pencil”

For Misspellings:
Look up:
Milestones <milestone unit=”part” rend=”+++ “/ >  esp. in context of lines of asterisks, etc.

Hello INF385t World!

Welcome to INF385t: Introduction to Digital Humanities. Class starts Monday, August 29 and we already have some readings in the queue. Please come to class prepared to talk about the following:

Cathy Davidson and David Theo Goldberg, A Manifesto for the Humanities in a Technological Age. [Note: In order to use the School’s Subscription to CHE, access it through the UT Library page. If you aren’t on a school computer you will have to log in using your EID before you can access the website.]

John Unsworth, “A Masters Degree in Digital Humanities at the University of Virginia”.

Patrik Svensson, The Landscape of Digital Humanities

We will also go over grading, readings, assignments, and learn something about Prezi.

See you Monday!