Weekly Wrap-Up: February 6 – February 19

Weekly Wrap-UpIf you have any links you’d like to submit, please send them along to ALATLAstudent@gmail.com

Digital Divide: If You’re Reading This, You’re One of the Lucky Ones: An interesting infographic created by Online IT Degree, featured on Mashable, about the digital divide and the National Broadband Plan. (American Libraries published this article about librarians and the National Broadband Plan a few years ago).
“You’re Not Really a Librarian”: What defines a school librarian? K-M the Librarian explores student perception.
A Catalog of Bookstore Cats: AbeBooks ponders collective nouns and profiles some adorable bookshop kitties. (See also: Dewey Readmore Books, the Library Cat)
Random House’s Historic E-Book Announcement: After meeting with ALA leadership, Random House breaks with the Big Five and we (finally!) hear some good news on the e-book front.
Excerpt from The Information Diet, by Clay Johnson: Boing Boing features a snippet from this interesting book about information consumption today.
Professional Development Q&A with the Lead Pipe Librarians: The wonderful folks over at In the Library with the Lead Pipe fielded questions from library school students at UNC Chapel Hill about committee work, conference attendance, and the pros and cons of participating in social media, among other things!
50 Great Google+ Tips for School Librarians: It’s a little meta to feature a link round-up in a link round-up, but for those of you interesting in building your social media presence, and, more specifically, how to use Google+, this post gathers some excellent resources for everyone, not just school librarians.
The Art of Google Books: This Tumblr captures the quirks of the Google Books project, featuring digitizations that didn’t quite go as planned.
E-Book Library Lending Rises, Publishing Industry Grapples With Change: iSchool student Barbara Galletly wrote this excellent article for Digital Book World about the current state of e-book lending and what’s on the horizon.
Libraries Receiving a Shrinking Piece of the University Pie: Have libraries lost their status as the “intellectual hubs” of their universities?
This is What a Librarian Looks Like: Bobbi Newman and Erin Downey Howerton put together this Tumblr to challenge librarian stereotypes, an extension of the Library Day in the Life project featured last week.

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